About Our Company
Thoroughbred Solution is a strategic IT solutions provider that specializes in BPO Outsourcing, IT Solution, Custom Website Designs, Web Application and Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.
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About Our Company


Thoroughbred Solutions, LLC is a strategic IT solutions provider located in
Lexington, KY. We offer a full-suite of managed IT services tailored to the specific
needs of our clients with the primary objective of enabling clients to reach their
strategic business goals.

Our firm specializes in business process outsourcing (BPO) and the delivery of custom websites, Web Applications and Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android. Our design style is a perfect mix of the visually striking artistic creation and the practical necessities required by the modern business environment.

We employ senior-level software engineers and web designers who are well versed across all programming languages and who possess expertise in the implementation of a wide variety of enterprise-class technologies.

Business Process Outsourcing0%
Branding and Marketing0%
Custom Web Development0%
Mobile App Development0%

Thoroughbred Solutions can assist in the delivery of new projects, take over and maintain existing projects or facilitate the outsourcing of business processes wherever experience is lacking. Whenever the situation calls for it, we can even extend and enhance our clients’ capabilities through dedicated resource placements.Our engagement strategy is straightforward: Discover, Analyze, Design, Build, Verify, and Deliver.At Thoroughbred Solutions, we understand that each client engagement is unique, so we work side-by-side with our clients to understand the problem before designing and implementing the best possible solution. Our team of consultants takes a personal approach to the service we provide andinour responsibility to our clients. Our clients will find that we are impeccably responsive as a result of the operating environments in which we work continuing to evolve and become more dynamic in nature over time. In the technology race of the future, always pick Thoroughbred Solutions to lead the pack.

Development Process

How we work

Thoroughbred Solutions applies the agile methodlology to the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) for delivering projects on time and within the agreed upon budget. By operating multiple phases in parallel, we are able to reduce the overall delivery time and ensure that we are producing the best possible solution for our clients. Thoroughbred Solutions typically leverages a three-phased approach with several design and development sprints that enable us to stay lean throughout the process and adapt to changing requirements without the incursion of any additional significant costs for changes requested by the client. Deliverables will be submitted to the client at the end of each phase gate to ensure that both requirements and expectations are being met.

  • Phase 1

    Discovery/Analysis – Initial Architecture
    Deliverable – Business Requirements

  • Phase 2

    Design and Build – Finished Product
    Deliverables – Detailed Design and
    Working Solution

  • Phase 3

    Verification and Delivery – Client Transition
    Deliverables – User Training and System Documentation