Business Process Outsourcing
Thoroughbred Solutions offers complete BPO & IT solutions & services at affordable rates that enables both small businesses and large corporations to take back valuable time and spend it where it matters most:
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Business Process Outsourcing

BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enables both small businesses and large corporations alike to outsource strategic business functions in an effort to minimize costs and maximize their return on investment. Every business must perform numerous administrative activities, most of which are repetitive and effort-intensive.


As an entrepreneur or an organization, the focus should always be on the core and value-added activities. With limited time and resources, people start losing focus on their core activities as they spend more time on administrative activities. At the same time, if administrative and general activities take a back seat to core activities, it can be equally daunting for the business over the long term.


Thoroughbred Solutions offers these services at affordable rates that enable our clients to take back valuable time and spend it where it matters most: developing strategy and reaching goals.

Business Process Outsourcing


The intersection of globalization and technology has forever changed the way that business is conducted while creating new opportunities for growth and expansion. Thoroughbred Solutions offers expertise and insight in a variety of market verticals and can assist in extending your existing processes through outsourcing.


Content creation and management, research and analysis, data entry and reconciliation, report writing, presentation creation and more.


Enterprise architecture that scales with you as you grow. We design and build to your specifications to bring your ideas to life!


Contact Center support services including customer service and technical support with live phone and chat support.

Employee Onboarding

Candidate selection and screening including Employment Verification, Credit and Background Checks, and Drug Screens.


Dynamic and responsive design services including brand development and collateral marking material creation services.


Inside sales support and new business development services ensure that your business continues to grow and thrive.