Are you struggling with deadlines in your web development projects?

Don’t worry we hear you !!

The beginning of any web development project is full of zest and enthusiasm, but by the time the first few steps of the project are done it moves ahead at a slower pace than the beginning. This usually happens because your initial plan goes off the track or due to some sudden bugs in the code.

Making a website is not an easy task and for those who make websites for a living, be it a website design company or a freelancer it is important that projects are completed on time. Delayed projects annoy the clients more often than not, which makes it crucial to deliver quality projects on time. The approach towards your web development project is very important and it should be consistent from the beginning of the project to its end. We have some methods to meet the deadlines of your web development project by the end of this article you will have the solutions to your project delays.

Break Down The Project

One Step at a time…!

When you take up a new project, you often end up taking up the whole project all at once. This is a wrong approach especially at the beginning stage of the project. You need to take one step at a time to make sure that your project plan is structured. You need to set realistic and small goals and a time frame for each goal. Run quality check after each goal is met so that errors and bugs are detected at early stages. This will also help you in quality checks on the project along with sticking to the timeline.

Identify the Scope Creeps  and Find the Remedy

Don’t end up giving services that you are not paid for!

Have you lately realized that you are delaying the projects not because you fail to plan the project but because the client increases the requirements midway through the project? Then my dear, your projects are suffering from scope creeps.

The biggest enemy of the web design and development projects is scope creep. Scope creep is the increase in boundaries of the project midway towards completing the project. There are many reasons for increasing scope creep, the major one being miscommunication with the clients. Other reasons can be disorganization of the project and not signing a detailed contract with the client.

Scope creep can result in increased stress for the designers and developers and highly reduce the quality of the output. It is important that you get rid of scope creep and not fall prey to it. Here are some tips to avoid scope creep:

  • Make sure that all the requirements related to the project are communicated clearly and in writing
  • Make efforts to understand what your client exactly needs from the website
  • Keep the project plan flexible enough to accommodate any changes during the project
  • You should know when to say no. We know saying no to clients is not always easy but you have to say it when their demands are beyond the project scope
  • Ask the client to increase the budget of the project and communicate the required time frame of the project for the increased demands.